Bayview Bible Church meets regularly at 9:30 am for our weekly Lord's Day Worship. There are, at times, additional classes offered at different times. Please check our calendar to stay up to date.


The church gathers at the Bayview Center (20298 E Perimeter Road). We utilize the entire building during our Lord's Day Worship, so come in and make yourself comfortable! You can park in either the upper or lower lot, but be aware - if you park in the lower lot, you will climb stairs.


Kids are welcome in our services!
We offer an optional nursery for children up to age five. Our overflow room (downstairs) is also ideal for parents who need space to train their children to participate in our worship. Children are a blessing, not a curse.

What is Sunday like?

Maybe you are new to church life in general, or just new to Bayview Bible Church. If you're wondering what our gatherings look like each Sunday, follow the link below!