SUNDAY  Worship

What to expect

The Word of God

Everything we do is regulated by God's Word, the Holy Bible. Expect to hear Scripture read during our Call to Worship, Corporate Reading, the Sermon, and Benediction.

Robust Singing

The people of God have been singing since time immemorial, and we are privileged to keep singing! Our songs are biblically accurate, singable by the average person, and focused on the glories of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We are aware of our total dependency on God, so we spend time each Sunday praying. We thank God for his many kindnesses to us, as well as petition him to carry out his will in our place and among our people.


It won't take long to notice that we love each other, and we love visitors. You may be overwhelmed by people wanting to say "hello."


Our church is not passive, but promotes active participation in the Lord's Day Worship through singing, listening, praying, and giving their resources to continue the mission of the church.

The Lord's Supper and Baptism

In obedience to Jesus, and to celebrate our union with him, we come to the Lord's Table once each month. We also joyfully baptize new believers into the faith whenever appropriate.